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[Handgun] PD trade-in SIG SAUER P227R .45 AUTO w Factory SIG plastic case and 10rd magazine. $499.95

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@CBR_Magazine: China's auto sales in July shrank by about 5.3 percent, adding to signs of economic malaise amid the trade war. #CBRMustReads

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[Guide] How to make money in EFT

EDIT : Thanks to everybody for pointing out the few mistakes/improvements that can be made in this new-player level guide.
For the sake of summarizing here :
- Intel documents are NOT worth 250k. I didn't check them on the flea before writing this and for some reason I always remembered them at 250k. Game is in maintenance so I can't check the real price. That being said, it's still profitable to craft USB into Intel, it's just not x2 profitable.
- Scav case : moonshine / intel docs, some people seem to say they've never been profitable. I personally *did not* measure those, I eyeballed it. I'm working on so much shit that I didn't bother. On average I think that I'm in a net positive, but it's as believable as people saying they're not : without proof we can't really say for sure. That bein said, it's certainly more profitable to run lower-tier scav runs that are *faster* when you're online, and to run a moonshine or intel when you log off. It's more efficient to get a lot of runs while you can re-start them every time.
- Crafting moonshine : It's not profitable to spam it ; I was under the assumption that the average player who will read this will usually not play for 4-5 hours straight and will end up collecting yesterday's moonshine, craft a new one, and that's it. If that's you're rythm then yes, spam it. If you intend to play more than one craft worth's of time, then you will craft moonshine faster than you can spend it, and it's not really worth to sell it on the flea except to up your market reputation for a small loss (about 10k). So in short : craft moonshine to be able to start a moonshine run for when you log off, but you don't *need* more than that.

Check this out

Here is some actual data on the lavatory !!

Hey everybody !

I know it can be a struggle to get a stable economy in this game, especially when you die a lot. Today I'm gonna try and give a few guidelines on how to make money safely, efficiently, fast, or in any other way we can think of.
If you're struggling to stay above the 15-20 million rouble treshold, this guide is definitely for you.
Very often I'll hear newer players say "Damn I can't seem to make money, I keep loosing. Every time I take gear I die instantly". There is some truth in that. Today I'll help you improve your survival rate, but most importantly I'll unbalance the other side of the equation. When you complain about losing a lot of money, I will help you spend less by a significant margin, as well as earn more. You'll also get rid of gear fera naturally.
Remember this throughout this very, very long read : It all depends on how you want to play, and how much. Some of these tips will not fit how you want to play the game, and like Nikita always says : this game is supposed to be fun before anything else.

1. Hideout

Safety Score : 100%
Reward : Moderate but very stable.
Maxing your hideout should be one of your top priorities, probably before telling your mom how much you love her every now and then. If you're not doing either of those, the big gamer in you knows what to do.
Early wipe, save your fuel for when you're online and playing. If you're playing, your generator should definitely be running and all your stations should be crafting something.
Once you have Medstation 1, Workbench 1 and Lavatory 2, you really have no reason to turn your generator off when you're playing.
Once you have the bitcoin farm, you should never turn off the generator.
Medstation :
Craft salewas and/or IFAKs permanently. They cost 8k and sell for 15k. That's a net profit of about 25k / hour for salewas, as well as never having to buy any.
Lavatory :
Always be crafting Bleach. If you have 2 empty blue fuel, use those empty cans to craft a Magazine case.
You can then keep the magazine cases until you've enough for your liking and sell those for a good profit.
The bleach you will use to buy the 6B47 helmets which are better than the SSh-68 helmets. Buying from 2x bleach barter at ragman level 1 means you get the helmet for 18k (instead of 33k on the market). This helmet has better head coverage, less slow/negative effects, less weight, has a slot for a mount, has +11 ergonomics AND is cheaper than the 22k SSh-68. That being said, it has a slight noise reduction that the Ssh does not have. If you wear headphones I'd say this is negligible but debatable. I prefer to have the extra protection and ergonomics for sure, considering it's slightly cheaper.

You can also barter for that helmet and instantly sell it back for a profit (five times) and level up ragman money requirements.
Bleach can also be traded for the Blackjack backpack at level 4, as well as the TTV rig at level 2. You should definitely do it.
Sell excess bleach on the flea market when the prices are around 10.5k or more. (around midnight Central European Time).
Workbench :
You can buy Power Cords and craft Wires forever and always make a profit. Buy in the morning and sell in the evening for better profits (CET timezone). For even more profit, you can craft gunpowders and ammo which tend to also be ridiculously pricy at night.
Buying grenades from Peacekeeper and crafting green (Eagle) gunpowder is a good way to make a lot of money and level up Peacekeeper.
Intel Center :
You main objective is to get this one to level 3 for reduced fees and better quest rewards, but also access to the bitcoin farm at level 2.
If you need FiR for quests, craft that. When you're done craft Intel Documents at all times (buy the USB), and use it for scav case or sell for a x2 profit. ( 3x40 for USB = 120, documents sell for 250)
Bitcoin Farm :
Once you have it, spend all your money on GPU until its maxxed, then level it up even more. The BTC farm is definitely worth it. At 50GPU you need to connect every 15 hours to clic. If you can't, keep it level 2 and connect every 24 hours to clic. Even at level 1 its worth. But its much, much faster at higher levels.
From 0 to 50 GPUs it takes about 30 days to pay for itself. GPUs should not be sold until you maxxed it.
Water Collector :
Must be running at all times. Buy the components if you don't have them.
Booze Generator :
Must be running at all times. Buy the components if you don't have them.
Scav Case :
Always have it running on moonshine, and use intel documents once you're done crafting one.
Nutrition Unit :
It's not really worth crafting sugar to put in the Booze gen, as the price for chocolate is pretty much = the price of sugar. So buy the sugar instead and craft something else. I tend to craft Hot Rods when the prices are good (morning) and then use them to barter 5.45 BS Ammo with Prapor or sell for a profit.

If you do all that, you should have about 150k an hour fairly easily. Don't forget to check it between every raid.

2. Traders

Safety Score : 100%
Reward : Quite good.
Once your mom has received all the love she deserves and your hideout is taken care of, you should have max traders (traders are a requirement for most of the hideout anyway).
Traders level 4 will net you much better prices on most mods and open very good barter trades.
Buy as much as you can from barter trades. You can buy almost everything from it, and it's usually at least 25% cheaper to buy the requirements and then do the barter. Ragman4 has the CPC Armored Rig which is level 5 armor, you'll get it for about 200k instead of 250k on the flea. The Slick is also much cheaper. The Blackjack backpack is literally half priced.
You can also NOT use what you barter and just sell it back to a dealer (sometimes the same from which you bartered) for a profit as well as having 2 times the loyalty money increase (from bartering then from selling).
Another good example is buying a Recbat 14k from the market, getting an ADAR for skier, selling it to Mechanic and winning 8k just like that. You can find every single barter that nets a profit yourself and just buy-resell and you'll probably make another 100k every reset, if you really are struggling and have the patience. I personally advise to just use the equipment for yourself unless you're levelling traders, but I wouldn't go as far as buying all profitable items every reset.
Every trader at every level has good barters. You can make a full decent kit at level 1 traders for about 40k roubles on barter, instead of 90 if you buy it all. (Paca for masks, helmet for bleach, ADAR for recbatt, salewa from craft, backpack, etc. all barters)

Bleach is beautiful and is coveted in the real world for its ability to cure diseases.

3. Modding

Safety Score : 100%
Reward : Very profitable.
Don't mod out of your reach. Don't mod Meta. If money is an issue for you, having +1 ergo won't change your life.
For example,
Priced at 10k roubles
Priced at 45k Roubles

See where I'm going with this?
If you have money, sure, go for the Shift. If you wanna have fun and try, sure, go for it as well. But if you're struggling, buy 4 cobras and mod 4 guns for the price of 1% recoil which will not make you a gamer god anyway.
Also, do NOT buy mods from the flea market when you see you can buy them from traders. Look at the top of the market, if the mod is greyed out, look at the price. It means you don't have access (yet). If the price is too inflated for you, find another mod. There are always other mods. You can make 2 AKMs that have a difference of 2% recoil and 4 Ergonomics and have a 150k price difference. It's up to you. When money is the issue, this was the answer.

Note : Some guns are inherently much more expensive. Guns shooting 5.56 or 5.45 tend to be more expensive than 7.62. AKMs are VERY good budget guns. They're a bit harder to handle, but you can get a fully modded AK for 150-200k, where as you will have an entry level M4 for that price. 7.62 PS ammo is also incredibly cheap while being decent. Play 7.62 if you're struggling with money. It's not meta, but it's far more than enough, trust me. You'll rarely lose fights exclusively because you had PS ammo in an AKM. Rarely.

4. Statistical loadout balance

This is fairly simple yet overlooked a LOT. To be accurate, you need data. Personally I kept it in an excel spreadsheet, if you're hardcore you should do something similar.

A somewhat relevant spreadsheet I used a wipe ago to measure some of my stats
What you need to know about yourself for this :
These will help us measure how much you fuck up or not.
Lets make it simple.
If you have a 500k loadout and you usually extract with 100k, at 10% survival rate, that means you will spend 500k x 10 = 5.000.000 roubles over 10 raids on average, die 9 times, and earn 100k once. This very obvious example shows the loss.
Basically we're gonna try and balance that equation so that you never lose money on average. You'll have ups and downs obviously, but over a week or two, it'll smooth things out for you, like math always does in a pleasant conversation with a girl.

So what can you do to improve that equation ?

4.1 Improve survival rate

Seems simple enough, DIE LESS. You do not need to be good, smart, or special to die less. If you die a lot, do something different. If you die less, try more of that. Explore statistical advantages through different gameplay.
What can you do to die less practically? Here is a list of checkboxes you can tick depending on your money, skill, mood, or any other factor like the map and sheer luck:
Do all that, it'll give you a LOT of data to actually improve by just doing something different without really being fastestronger, just smarter.
And I repeat : you can do some of it, all of it, it depends on what you like, what you're comfortable with, and the time/investment you're putting in the game. It's okay to play at your own pace.

4.2 Reduce gear cost

The second part of our "profit equation" above is how much gear you take with you. Using previous tips, reduce that cost. Barters, cheaper mods, etc.

4.3 Increase extracted value

This one is not as tricky as it sounds. Basically there are two ways to extract with more money in the backpack :
The goal is to pay for the gear you will loose when you die while making a profit on top. That one time you extract if you have a MBSS backpack, you'll need items worth like 50k per slot to break even. If you take a tri-zip, suddenly it's only 30k per slot. If you take a blackjack and blackrock from good old ragman, suddenly it's 10k per slot. So you can break even by looting crickents and DVD players almost.
See where I'm going ? Always take a tri-zip or bigger unless you're doing something special. That way you can afford to loot shitty areas, take less risk, and survive more while having a little less value.
We'll cover that in a minute, but there are ways to loot high value items, moderate value and low value. Those have also different risk/reward.

All of those are also map specific. In woods I'll often go with a 6B3TM armored rig for 40k, no helmet, 20k headphones and a sniper rifle. Rest is pouched so does not count. That's less than 100k investment. All players tend to have low value gear so I never extract with a lot either so it balances out. But on Woods, my survival rate is 20% instead of my overall 40%. So I know it's not a map I can reliably make money on, because I measured that accurately over time. This example is very common and should make sense to you.
Same goes for interchange where I have more about 50% survival but will tend to go in with 600k worth of gear, but will also often extract with over 500k quite regularly. Different ratios, different values, different purposes.
You can measure your own data if you're willing to do so, or you can eyeball it. Eyeballing it is much faster but very inaccurate because you will tend to include emotions in the mix when you die. You'll remember losses ~2x more than your wins (that's somewhat scientifically proven), and if you're eyeballing your loadout you might think you have 600k but really you might have only 450k. I would advise to go hardcore and measure it all for price, initial loadout, losses and earnings, for each map.

5. Money runs

Now money runs are vast and numerous. All include different levels of risk and reward. It's up to you once again to find what you're willing to do for the time it takes, the fun it will give you and how much it will actually help you. You can always try them all for ~50 raids the sake of trying something different and see how your data is impacted. it doesn't have to be 50 in a row if you don't want to. As long as you keep track of it it can be over a whole wipe. You'd have your data ready for the next wipe :) Faster is better though.

5.1 Hatchling runs

Safety Score : 100%
Reward : Very Variable. Mentally exhausting.
Those are incredibly money efficient. You're investing a gear of 0 value, so whatever you extract with is 100% win, so you cannot possibly lose money that way. Is it fun? Is it rewarding? I don't care, to each is own. Statistcally speaking, hatchling runs are an efficient way to make money.
They do however require a little bit of knowledge, but not skill. You'll be much more efficient at doing these kind of runs if you know where to go, what to look for, and how to get there depending on your spawn. That being said, such knoweldge is easily found ; it's nothing complex, it just takes time to learn. Once again, depends on how much you're willing to invest (if not roubles, time).

5.2 Scav runs

Safety Score : 100%
Reward : Low-ish
Scav runs are also incredibly efficient for the same reason as hatchlings. Except those have a cooldown. Statisticall speaking I have noticed you should always run your scavs as fast as possible on the map where you extract both the fastest and most frequently.
The explanation is simple, lets make it simpler :
The scav is a button that makes you earn free money. When you press it the button becomes unpressable for some time, when you release the button you earn money (sometimes).
That means you want to release the button as often as possible. And for that, you need to release it as fast as possible. It's that simple. So make scavs incredibly fast. I'm talking "Run through" fast.
Unless you're looking for FiR items or doing something specific like annoying a streamer, you should literally run straight to the extract every single time, and loot what you have that doesn't make you go out of your way too much. Usually I suggest factory, go in, kill a random scav, loot it, get out.
Two weapons is at LEAST 50k, 100 if they have a scope. There you go. That's 100k every 20 minutes (or less with intel center). That's MUCH BETTER than going up to 150-200k but taking 30 minutes to extract, and taking more risk by spending more time in the map. Every second you're in someone can shoot. Nobody can shoot you in the hideout.
The exception to that rule is Scavs with a pilgrim which you can take on your favourite loot-run map, probably interchange or reserve. There you should just fill everything you can and extract once you're full, no matter what you have. 30 crickents and an extra gun is fine.

5.3 Stash runs

Safety Score : Very
Reward : Okay
Those are very very safe and can be done with a pistol and a backpack only. Very cheap, quite unchalleneged, for a moderate reward. Just go on a map that you like and run around and loot all stashes until you're full, then get out. You can vary the map/route depending on the traffic of players. Interchange and shoreline are good contenders for that.
It'll net you easy money. Not great money, but definitely safe.

5.4 Loot Runs

Safety Score : Moderate
Reward : Quite alright
Once you have better knowledge/skill you can start having a specific route in a specific map, depending on a specific spawn. So it'll take time to learn. Usually very similar than a hatchling run except this time you bring moderate gear and go for moderate loots. For example, instead of going for fast techlight, in-and-out interchange, you can decide "alright I'll loot 100% of Oli and the computers in the back", it'll take time, but it'll make good loot. More money than stashes, definitely will see scavs to kill, and most probably some more pvp. More risk. If you win that PvP you have even more loot as well. But overall good reward.
Loot runs need to be "scheduled" and thought of after several tries, so you know how much you can take per person depending on backpack size. For example you can't say "lets loot oli" if you have a 5-man with blackjacks, you'll all be empty. Adapt.

5.4 PvP

Safety Score : Insane
Reward : Unreliably moderate
This one is pretty obvious. Very risky, unpredictable rewards. Usually better than loot runs when you survive. I won't elaborate on this, because if you're reading this far you're probably struggling in PvP. And the rest of this guide already covers a fair bit.

6. Insurance

Safety Score : "Meh"
Reward : Very profitable.
Now this is very, very important. Always insure your gear. Always.
If you die you will get stuff back, pretty much for free. If you're really struggling people won't loot your "trash", so you WILL get it back.
If you play in a group it's very likely that people will hide your stuff too.
And most importantly : you can insurance fraud. This is the best way to balance the equation we talked about earlier. If you find a decent-ish gun, replace yours. You drop your initial investment by a significant margin, you will definitely get it back, and if you extract it's a flat profit. Weapons don't take inventory slot, so if you have two weapons that are not yours initially they will usually pay for your whole gear. I have quite often left my super-mega-modded HK just for an average M4 or other weapon that I can fight with, just so I can reduce my investment by 350k and up my reward by like 200k instantly. Replace your headphones all the time too, that's an easy -30+30k, same with helmets. even if it's a bit broken or slightly worse.
If you're struggling with money, try to leave every raid with at least 3-4 pars of your equipment that aren't yours initially.
But value the risk behind this. I won't leave my slick for a Paca at the third minute of a raid just to have that extra 28k. I won't leave my meta-modded HK for a naked mosin. But if it seems decent/doable, do it. It will pay off. Because even if you die, you still get your shit back, and gun is usually the most expensive part of the gear.

7. Final notes

It's all about balance. Find what works *for you* and try shit out. Really, try. You'll die, you'll learn, you'll adapt with data to back that up. I find it crazy that people will die and not try to learn from it. That's how you will improve as a player.
First you gotta get smarter, then you'll get better. And with time, skill, mechanics, gamesense, all that will improve on the side. Earning more will snowball in your favour. And if you know you're statistically okay, you will have a much smaller gear fear and enjoy the game more.

Sorry for the wall of text, you guys should be used to it with me by now :D I made these guides in video but not in english, so here I am typing it all for you guys.
Enjoy :)
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Definitive list of companies to support / re-consider / avoid (and reminder that a rifle in the hands of a socialist is a socialist rifle.)

EDIT: Thanks for all the feedback. So heads up this list was originally part of this AR-15 build guide spreadsheet, hence the frequent mentioning of that gun/platform and some arbitrary shout outs to specific AR-15 makers. (Ironically I'm primarily a shotgun guy at the moment.) So PLEASE look elsewhere if you are looking for recs devoid of any political consideration. The original intention was this as a disclaimer / FYI oriented list of companies with good, iffy, or straight-up bad Ppolitical affiliations/etc. as well as US made and/or unionized companies. It's been muddled with quality mostly apolitical budget-oriented recs as well. I am likely not listing many (like dozens if not hundreds) and I don't want to open a can of worms and end up listing general gun suggestions / lists. I might even par it down for that reason.
So that said I'll leave additional recs to the comments. Will edit and add any companies to overtly avoid for shitty politics/ownership and likewise will add any that are inclusive and/or liberal or left leaning. Thanks!
The information below is aimed at informing gun enthusiasts with moral, ethical, and ideological reservations about certain supporting manufacturers. It lists reputable apolitical and professional manufacturers to consider, is then followed by disclaimers about other reputable manufacturers, then concluded with manufacturers to consider avoiding.
Full disclaimer: this effort stems from frequent and incessant debates and discussions I've seen among gun owners from center to far-left and from my own concerns personally as a leftist. That said if you are neither left-wing nor liberal but nonetheless want to support honest and sincere gun manufacturers this information is worth reviewing. This is not aimed at calling out any company with remotely right-wing political affiliation or leadership, that would be not just flippant and needless but absurdly futile. In fact the only ones I recommend to avoid have overtly engaged the following: pandered to destructive and vitriolic identity politics, bootlicked and idolized authoritarian entities and leaders, or in a few cases literally touted fascism and right-wing extremism. I would argue these are not mere red flags to myself or others on the left but more broadly sentiments that sincere conservatives and libertarians should also wholeheartedly condemn. It is my sincere belief that gun ownership rights are a not only universal right and a necessity for the working-class but also potentially a unifying ideological issue that will hopefully transcend contemporary politics. Fundamental respect for gun safety and handling and willingness to include all who want to be involved in legal and responsible gun ownership is common ground for anyone who believes in basic equality and freedom. Lastly, if you are still rolling your eyes, ready to list a litany of dismissive rants as one of those "better dead than red" edgelord dolts, than by all means F.O.A.D.
Manufacturers To Consider:
Solid Companies in every regard: Much of this intel gathered from this helpful post on reddit from u/tanksuit who help spurred on this effort and also from this extensive Something Awful Thread. Further info gleaned from a private FB group I will not name. If anyone from there sees this, many thanks.
Windham Weaponry - Mostly lateral organizing, employees treated as collective owners (to clarify no indication they are literally collectively owned). Broke off from Bushmaster after Freedom Group buyout. Wide arrange of models. Fair pricing, great customer service and high quality (Kudos to tip-off via FB Group)
Rocket Armory - Arguably the only overtly liberal AR part manufacturer. Not quite leftist (I'd skip the LGO logo lower - elements of LGO have been adverse to leftists) but nonetheless an outspokenly progressive maker is a worth supporting IMO. Lowers and fixed mags only. Current stock shipping in mid-December 2020.
CMMG - Apolitical, high quality, and unionized. Good selection of various caliber platforms both complete, uppelower reciever packages, or stripped parts. Known for their 22LR conversion kits that provide affordable training option for AR platforms.
JP - Expensive but high quality, anecdotal stories of apolitical / non-CHUD atmosphere from employee that appears to be reflected in their PR.
Whiskin Tango Foxtrot (WTF Guns) - Gun building/customization business in Fort Worth, TX in process of acquiring machinery. Veteran owned and liberal friendly.
Liberal Gun Club Member Business - A list of firearm accessory businesses and not manufactures but nonetheless worth looking at to support liberal gun enthusiasts
Smith & Wesson - Mostly apolitical, huge company but American made and makes solid entry-level AR-15s
Cz-USA - US distro/importer of the venerable Czech manufacturer.
Atlantic Firearms - apolitical and reliable merchant and they are helpful with compliance guns for ban states
Ace High Armory - Small CLP maker, affliated/supporter of LGO (see above)
Off Color Decals / Dorner Tactical / Red Stone Creative / John Brown Armory / Space Dog Laika / Outcast Society / Flank Left / Sleep of Reason / PraxStudio / Cultivated Laser / JohnBrownFunClub / Left Queer & Sticky / LeftFist / LGO Store / fildiDesign / Slay Shop / Liberal Gun Club - Stickers, patches, etc. Lot to find on Redbubble as well.
John Brown Prints - Shirts and stickers, though specifically these proceeds go to BLM and bail funds
Others...There are far more smaller American AR-15 manufacturers of varying quality and pricing, consider smaller and local options as politics aside they are employing enthusiasts making firearms for fellow enthusiasts. Regarding quality: research forums and comment sections before you buy!
Colt (UAW) - The original maker of AR-15s after they bought ArmaLite in 1964 and patent holder on design until 1977. Big law enforcement / military supplier. Good but arguably a redundant consideration now with so many AR-15 options.
Savage (IAM) - Mostly non-AR-15 style rifles like bolt action, hunting semi autos, competition, etc. Good and often affordable consideration for those platforms.
Unionized Non-AR makers>>> Browning - IAM, Douglas - IAM, Winchester - IAM, Remington - UMW (Bankruptcy impending and Navajo purchase fell through, post-Freedom Group quality dip after 2007)
Solid but with disclaimers/caveats:
Aero Precision / Ballistic Advantage Barrels - Huge selection, affordable, well-touted and potentially the benchmark of non-gucci lower receivers. Not innocent, the tone deaf AF blurb for Rhodesia camo comes to mind, but otherwise less CHUD-y. Excellent "default" manufacturer to use for builds that are budget and mid-tier / entry level oriented.
Mid State Firearms - Great PSA alternative, far less knee-jerk and pandering. Offers discounted bundles and kits of cancelled orders, blemished but good parts, and "oddball" assortments. Read multiple testimonies of good customer service in response to any issues. Like Aero they aren't perfectly apolitical as they sell 3%er dust covers. Thanks for the tip datcatburd
KE Arms - Mostly solid and somewhat under the radar, competition quality oriented - collaborators in the WWSD 2020 rifle with InRangeTV's "What Would Stoner Do?" gun projects and InRangeTV is notably inclusive. Allegedly friendly staff but Russell Phagan, aka longtime SomethingAwful poster SinistralRifleman, was banned after relentlessly defending the Kenosha shooter. More FYI than anything, to be seen if it affects the WWSD collab with InRangeTV as he was a core part of that development.
Brownells - Well-regarded and has budget part options, owns a lot of AR-15 related ventures including and family has major NRA ties and lobbying industry. Distro for InRangeTV + KE Arms What Would Stoner Do? WWSD 2020 AR-15. Again not perfect, they had a cringe-y fellowkids level nod to boogaloo shirts in a recent vid
Midway USA - Comparable to Brownells, lot of options, reliable vendor, etc. Some NRA connections but nothing crazy. More info here thanks to u/rocketboy2319
SGAmmo - not the only ammo supply company by any means but a solid bulk option with no BS apolitical tone.
Primary Arms - Another distro to consider, mostly because it's been keeping a lot of AR-15 parts in stock despite panic buying
Bravo Company USA [BCM] - Bit pricier but another solid and popular choice for upper tier ARs, had confederate battle flag engraving option. As u/mp8815 pointed out they are a great option for more serious milspec than Aero, PSA, etc.
Little Creek Trading - Distro/online store - lot of expensive / high end stuff but also good deals on lower recievers, parts, accessories, and built ARs. Pleasant website layout so worth browsing for ideas if nothing else. Sell affordable slings.
Sig Sauer- 75% +/- US made, reactionary "US anthem" anti-kneel BS commemorative models but fairly tame jingoism in context
Ruger - Excellent guns including the classic 10/22 and various other models, some have US components and assembly, well-regarded starter AR-15, major NRA donor (interestingly and ironically the late Rugar was outspoken about magazine limitations)
Glock - Universally know and solid handgun maker, USA distro / service is well regarded. Gaston Glock allegedly a right-wing donor in Austria but from his coffer. Note: Polymer80 guns are an option for anyone wanting to build their own Glock style handgun.
LaRue Tactical - Expensive but well-regarded and established, their triggers (MBT-2S esp.) are well touted and affordable ($80) upgrades over milspec; FYI they send gimmicky overt right-wing bumper stickers with orders and the owner is cozy with right-wing and GOP leaders.
Geissele makes well regarded triggers and parts but owner is allegedly tyrannical, work environment is rough and has high turnover.
BCG options: Toolcraft and Cryptic Coatings offer affordable options and appear fairly apolitical.
Primary Arms - Affordable scope options, some stereotypical law enforcement pandering but that's the case with most peers.
Daniel Defense - Update: previously reputable and touted brand but according to this previous indication of good worker environment are unfortunately obsolete. QC is allegedly slipping and ownership attitude has become negative and toxic. On the flipside recent buyers report satisfactory quality and originally I had read the work environment was unusually inclusive. Maybe opt for different high end brand? Jury's out TBH. Still likely a solid choice quality wise but keep an eye out for them.
Springfield Armory / Rock River Arms- Decent but FYI some shady legislative lobbying efforts heads via this post disregard, they've since left IFMA
Sons of Liberty Gun Works - Tip off here about one of it's owners, Mike Mihalski, being unhinged in the past - assaulting his mother and numerous threats against cops actually doing their job that were then brushed off by law enforcement superiors he was friendly with, DUIs and public intoxication at a hotel while armed (albeit he cooperated) Update: Mike has apparently been sober and straight for awhile, more a disclaimer to be aware of. It's otherwise a solid manufacturer akin to other mil-spec AR makers.
Trijicon - continues practice of subtle but cringe-y bible verses inscribed on products that spurred a military contract controversy, actually well-regarded optics though arguably getting too expensive compared to alternative options
Del-Ton - PSA alternative and alternative to cheap "iffy brands" with more notorious QC issues - def more entry-level and milspec but generally good reviews - consider if budget is a major factor
Radical (see more below) - Allegedly better but QC issues in the past...(see details below)
Ammo Supply Warehouse - good selection, pricing and service but FYI their logo on their main page has fucking SS totenkopfs on it. That said the also obliged a customer request to sing the Soviet anthem while packing their order, so perhaps they use the iconography naively and flippantly and not as a dogwhistle.
Palmetto State Armory (see more below) - *Only listed because of historically affordable parts, products, and supplies, though this is arguable. Hit or miss customer service, including customer info leaks and inadvertent doxxing customers. Most notably one of the worst offenders in cranking out right-wing and jingoist bullshit ~ MAGA drooling, ID politics crap, etc. More on this under "Reconsider" List
Others...Many, many others out there but like anything else you can easily drop a lot of money seeking out "the best," >>> mediocre rifle in the hands of a qualified shooter is a better than a high-end rifle in the hands of a inexperienced shooter.
American Made not yet mentioned:
Mossberg - Factories in Connecticut and Texas. Not sure 100% if MMR is US made. At least one model is Turkish made (SA20), and the Maverick 88 has Mexican made parts that are assembled in Eagle Pass, TX. IMHO the best pump action shotgun catalog to choose from, the Maverick 88 along with the H&R Pardner or Savage 320 are solid budget pump actions.
American made brands (non-AR-15)>>> Thompson/Center, Henry (some expensive MAGA nonsense FYI), Marlin, Ithaca, Kimber, Beretta (some models)
Reconsider / Possibly Avoid: To re-emphasize no shame if you own or bought the below and the "line in the sand" is very arguable, but these, especially if pricing is not as much of an issues, these can be easily opted out of in your AR-15 procurement and builds.
Palmetto State Armory - Mentioned again because easily the most debated manufacturer. Numerous examples of racist and fascist etched lowers aside I agree with the sentiment that their motivation is capitalism above all else and not so much right-wing worship although those pair well together. Case in point - they cancelled their planned Kekistan lower due to backlash, i.e. didn't double-down nor apologize but reaffirmed business first. They also sell some self-deprecating, humorous and more apolitical lower engraved options. Beyond this crap they have also had customer service hiccups including personal info leaks. Your call. Last ditch option for me personally but I wouldn't completely rule them out either especially as parts and new guns are increasingly expensive and hard to acquire. To sum up I rather a comrade have half a dozen of these than some sole spiffy new gucci AR-15.
Bushmaster - Quality has been criticized by many, Windham broke off to establish better quality gun line and ultimately they closed shop this year. Avoid any you might find out there post-2007.
Anderson - Popular but notoriously entry level choice (hence the "poverty pony" nickname) but bootlicking MAGA bullshit so honestly it's pointless to tout over Aero Precision, PSA, or MSF.
Tennessee Arms - Mixed feedback about their polymer lowers, gloated over Infowars showout/endorsement, dumb (like okbuddyretard level) memes on FB
Enoch Industries - 10/22 Takedown parts and custom builder, some quintessential grey area Odin/Pagan stuff that could be harmless warrior aesthetic stuff or a dog whistle.
Esstac - Solid and affordable pouch and other accessory maker including shotgun cards I rec, that said they came out as Kenosha shooter stans
Classic Firearms - Used auction site/seller. Not politically iffy, just often overpriced and waste of time to browse, use or even cautiously use armslist instead [edit: to clarify "waste of time" for anyone looking for pragmatic deals to skim, not niche stuff to collect.]
Kel Tec - This one is tricky, the off very affordable non-AR-15 9mm carbines - same working class price niche as High-Point - but just FYI they've had cozy PR with George Zimmerman in the past
H&S Precision - Hired Ruby Ridge FBI participant Lon Horiuchi in the past
Cheaperthandirt - Tread carefully even if you see a deal - plethora of complaints about service, pricing, turnaround, etc. Check with other options first.
Note on foreign manufacturers (IWI, Canik) - This another debate point that leads to a lot gray area and arbitrary claims whether it's regarding companies based in countries with authoritarian governments, human rights abuses, war profiteering, etc. One could argue that applies to all American makes. When it comes to state made guns most state owned firearms companies of the past either have been privatized (like IWI in Israel) or are not legally importable in the U.S. (Norinco in China, various Russian companies). Ironically while the U.S. bans certain Chinese guns many U.S. manufacturers rely heavily on Chinese plants and parts. The general reality is most non-American and non-Western manufacturers are part of multinational conglomerates or distribution networks, as is the case with many Turkish guns like Canik. History ebbs and flows too, a 60s/70s era Galil is different case than a new Tavor in terms culpability, South African guns now are less arguably problematic than apartheid era stuff. Overall, it's up to you.
Companies with noted QC issues:
Radical Arms - Issues in the past but reportedly the QC is improving so could be a potential budget option and arguably the best of the iffy makes. Your call.
Bear Creek Arsenal - Formerly Moore's Machine. People have touted BCA as an effective and reliable budget rifles but their QC seems risky, others have had major issues. Apparently they have a good warranty option though so there's that as an option.
Anderson - See above. Stripped lowers are probably a-ok.
DPMS / Bushmaster - Easy avoid, dead as of Jan 2020 - another post Freedom Group brand that declined after 2007 as mentioned above - mixed reviews but needless consideration considering so many other options in the NOS and used market.
Vulcan/Hesse/Blackthorne - Easy avoid, multiple name changes and near universal dismissal or negative reviews.
Avoid if you can in the future:
Blackwater Worldwide / Iron Horse - Invested, touted, and overtly marketed by longtime mercenary, grifter, and war criminal and profiteer Erik Prince, the poster child of the present day world military industrial complex. Collaborated with Spike's Tactical (see below). Formerly Iron Horse Guns and original company unchanged product wise but they're-branded as Blackwater Worldwide in exchange for Prince's investment. At least they are honest and transparent about it I guess.
Spikes Tactical - Hysterical anti-antifa (i.e. fascist lol) CHUD to the max, many note iffy / overrated products compared to peers - don't sweat it if you have one but ditch this option in the future and spend your money elsewhere.
Fenix Ammunition - anti-Antifa hysteria and with a boog angle too boot
DS Arms - Overt Rhodesia glorifying, not just camo fetishism
Griffin Armament - "Front Towards Arabs" engraved suppressors, lazy racist shit (notice it isn't ISIS) compared to the more snarky "infidel" dust covers and decals
Kahr Arms and Auto-Ordnance (thanks u/Oldskoolguitar) - Literally run by major cult (Moonies) i.e. the Unification movement Apparently Kahr is crappy anyway but Auto-Ordnance makes 1911, M1, and Thompson replicas so seek other options for those models (mispelled earlier, meant Kahr, not Khar)
Smith Enterprises - SS iconography sold, i.e. actual Nazi stuff not the Iron Cross aesthetics
T-Rex Arms - Quiverfall members more on that group here and Lucas has posted cheap homophobic crap. (thanks u/eyetracker)
Troy Industries - Apparently tits up but backlash for hiring Dale Monroe - i.e. FBI veteran and Ruby Ridge participant
DesertTech - Owner is fringe Mormon sect member with racist views
Non-AR makers/businesses to avoid... (Sourced from Something Awful thread above)
DE Guns - Neo-Nazi ties
Glockstore - White Supremacist organization ties
LGBT Gun Rights (facebook and twitter) - faux progressive social media run by Neo-Nazi, do not join either as they are aiming to misinform and glean info on progressive and leftist gun owners
^ these are the tip of the iceberg TBH. There are likely problematic owners of stores and companies who will never be outed. Always look out to avoid local gun stores, distros, and individual sellers with bigoted and fascist sentiments and/or scammers - this kind of trash has always been the nasty underbelly of gun culture. Def be subtle and unassuming IRL while shopping - be cautious and tactful in interactions. Alternatives include more apolitical / hunting and hobby oriented stores like Bass Pro/Cabelas, Academy, Dick's, Big 5, etc. Love it or hate some Walmarts often have good deals.
There are plenty of individuals, stores, and companies that are politically more conservative or libertarian but well-meaning and honest and worth patronage, i.e. you can hold to your ideology without limiting yourself to strict arbitrary choices as a customer. Try to embrace the shared sentiment of gun ownership as a right and launching point to reaffirm that owning firearms is an universal and inclusive right for personal and community self-defense. Opportunity to praxis is likely rare, but it might emerge.
YT personas to stop subscribing from - IV8888, Brandon Herrera, CRSFirearms, etc. (there's a shitload TBH, feel free to tell me others to avoid) - Most are coming as bootlickers in recent times (not a shock), and if a YT channel isn't focused on guns over right-wing edgelord bullshit move on. For leftist/liberal/non-right wing content check out Forgotten Weapons, InRangeTV, Tacticool Girlfriend, Armed Margins, thegunpenguin, Beau of The Fifth Column, Sapper Gentleman, and DeviantOllam has a few. More apolitical and great content but likely right-wing and/or hinted such sentiments: Honest Outlaw (no idea, he plugs a local food shelter and is seemingly apolitical), Hickok45 (arguably the nicest and least pretentious YT gun personality, old timer who is passionate about sharing knowledge with others), Luckygunner, #itsonyou, 32icon, Katharina Vikør, C&R Aresnal, Rob Ski, 9-Hole Reviews, 22plinkster, Paul Harrell, Garand Thumb, gunthots, mixup98, Demolition Ranch. Wild card is Yankee Marshall - bit of a nutter but he's sincerely unabashedly pro-2A / anti-NRA and shit stirrer in away that's amusing. To his credit - although it was likely a weird fluke - he lost a bunch of subscribers for calling Garrett Foster a patriotic veteran. List of POC youtubers here - Colion Noir is probably the best known black gun YT persona, unabashedly pro-2A, like Hickok45 dropped his NRA affiliation fairly recently; the did so both over disagreements in their budget spending and ad agency contracts respectively.
Editorial / Op-ed from original AR Build Spreadsheet
Some advice and food for thought regarding reconciling ideology with present day gun enthusiasm:
If you are a liberal, progress, moderate, etc. who has come into gun ownership more recently, or has been reckoning with shifts in gun laws and gun culture in the U.S. over the last few decades, than you've likely managed to cut through the noise surrounding the debate, discussion, and frequently knee-jerk hysteria that surrounds semi-automatic rifles and the AR-15 platform. Now you're probably navigating the persistent injection of right-wing identity politics via stamped receivers, accessories and apparel with cheap shock value and superficial pandering, tacticool veering into authoritarian fetishism, tribal jingoism, etc. You've pushed aside misguided liberal identity politics that mis-characterize and attack gun enthusiasm only to have it's reactionary core shoved in your face. It can easily be reconciled with a concept you've likely seen: “There is no ethical consumption under capitalism.” It's been overused and even widely applied in dubious scenarios but I'd argue it's highly relevant when it comes to buying any new firearm or firearm component. All that aside it's still perfectly reasonable to not inadvertently throw your hard-earned cash at bootlicking goons, so when it comes to manufacturers this list should at least help you navigate and plan your purchases armed with information and awareness. If anything, supporting more apolitical and progressive manufacturers who aim to focus first and foremost on making quality firearms for all should be spurred on, not stymied.
If you're a leftist of any variety and interested in AR-15s you are likely already past the idea of committing to firearms that seemingly align with your views - AKs, milsurp SKS, Mosins, anything from cold war era socialist or communist states, etc. You've likely realized the last era of true Nazi-eliminator rifles are now 75+ years old. Futile seeking out new firearms and parts from non-capitalist states in 2020 will only reinforce this sincere but arbitrary hill to die on. A more pragmatic approach some make is to focus on buying only used firearms and parts already in circulation but this could still involve the financial patronage to a distributor, store, or individual of bad character. On a personal tangent, I first warmed back up to the idea of owning a semi-automatic that wasn't an AR-15 either by following the same arbitrary classification that deems a used M-14 or old M-1 carbine a better choice, but beyond classic value and aesthetics they are in the same niche. Even though defenders of the AR-15 sometimes veer into obnoxious and flippant ackchyually territory, especially after tragic gun massacres, they are often technically correct. The blunt fact is the AR-15 platform is fundamentally as legal as other semi-automatic rifles. It's popular for that reason and that's why it has so many fans, defenders, and apologists in so many forms.
When it comes to broader ideas of firearm ownership in relation to one's ideology, something I reflect on often is the fact that history has always involved the oppressed using the weapons of their oppressors both past and present. It's a moot point what the firearm is, it is a tool that reflects the individual who wields it. A rifle in the hands of a fascist is a fascist rifle and likewise a rifle in the hands of a socialist is a socialist rifle. To further make the case for the AR-15 many have made in some variation is that it is the present day rifle of the proletariat, the M1 Garand or PPSh-41 of it's time. When it comes to affirming your support for gun ownership, advocate for more widespread gun education, training, and positive and inclusive gun culture. Put lawmakers to task for pushing gun regulations that discourage law-abiding citizens - especially lower income citizens and people of color - from lawful ownership of guns. Support instead substantive reform and funding of mental health resources, de-militarizing law enforcement, and ending gun lobbying that side steps gun owners to only further corruption and complicity. If those who wish to do you harm are armed and will likely always be armed, there's no point in handicapping yourself or your peers.
Buying or building an AR-15 is an exercise of one's 2nd amendment right. For those outside of the U.S., and to all lawful and well-meaning comrades, arm yourself however you can legally and responsibly. Marx put it more bluntly in 1850 than the 2A's far more nuanced wording and arduous historical establishment: “Under no pretext should arms and ammunition be surrendered; any attempt to disarm the workers must be frustrated, by force if necessary”
Lastly, above all else, with tensions rising and outright violence being perpetuated by the far right, it is more imperative than ever simply to arm oneself as quickly, effectively, and safely as possible, regardless of the manufacturers, stores, and distros involved. A well made affordable gun you can acquire ASAP is a lot more imperative than your ideal build/choice. This is a guide not a plea. It's better to be armed with a gun from the "avoid" list today than to wait around for some ideologically preferable firearm weeks or months from now.
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I keep an ongoing list of "Stuff I Want In Warframe" in my Discord server, figure I should share it

  1. Not be equippable/listed on ALL weapons like it currently is for some reason-- it should only be equippable on weapons which actually benefit from it, and;
  2. Should be 100% instead of 90% to reduce all self-stagger effects because you're using an entire mod slot just for that benefit so it should have a perfect effect, and;
  3. There needs to be a Cautious Shot equivalent for sidearms because currently none exists... wut?
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Fallout 76: Update 21 Patch Notes – August 4, 2020

We’re releasing Update 21 today, which includes the new Fortifying ATLAS community challenges, the Meat Weak Seasonal Event, and our new event “A Colossal Problem” in the coming weeks. This update also brings a number of additional improvements and bug fixes to Fallout 76, so be sure to read on to catch the patch notes.

Update 21 Highlights

Update Version

Check below for the update version and download size for today’s patch on your platform of choice:
  • PC ( (4.7 GB)
  • PC (Microsoft Store): (49.6 GB)
  • PC (Steam): (2.4 GB)
  • PS4: (8.7 GB)
  • Xbox: (13.2 GB)

Fortifying ATLAS

Starting today, you can take part in “Fortifying ATLAS,” a two-part community-wide effort to construct a prospective base for the Brotherhood of Steel. If the community successfully turns in enough supplies during the next few weeks, everyone will unlock events and new cosmetic rewards.
  • A man named Russell Dorsey believes the Brotherhood of Steel are headed to Appalachia, and that ATLAS Observatory in the Savage Divide will make a perfect makeshift HQ when they arrive.
    • Russell is heading up supply gathering efforts. He will ask everyone to help deliver an abundance of raw materials to aid in fortifying ATLAS over the next few weeks.
    • If the community delivers enough scrap of each type in time, all players will earn in-game rewards, including new Brotherhood of Steel themed cosmetics, a Purveyor Super Sale, a Double S.C.O.R.E. Daily event, and more!
    • Additionally, every time you contribute materials, you will receive “ATLAS Donor's Provisions,” which you can open from your inventory to receive goodies and a chance at rare Plans.
  • Fortifying ATLAS will take place in two parts: Project Alpha, starting August 4, and Project Bravo, which starts on August 27.
    • Each Project has its own supply requirements, collection dates, and rewards.
    • Read our recent article catch all the scrap collection dates and rewards.

A Colossal Problem

  • Please note: Today’s update brings the new Public Event “A Colossal Problem” to the game. However, we are still making some performance tweaks and doing additional testing before we enable the event. We are planning to make “A Colossal Problem” available with a follow-up update in the next couple of weeks.
“A Colossal Problem” is an instanced multiplayer Public Event that will take place deep in the heart of Monongah Mine in the Savage Divide.
  • Once we’ve enabled “A Colossal Problem”, you will be able to meet Maggie Williams in Foundation to learn about Monongah Mine and begin the side quest “Something Sentimental.”
  • Unfortunately, the entrance to Monongah Mine has become blocked. You will have to blast your way inside by dropping a Nuke.
    • After launching your Nuke, a Public Event Icon will appear on the Map and all players will receive a notification that “A Colossal Problem” has begun.
    • If one instance of “A Colossal Problem” fills up, a new one will begin so that more players can start the event.
  • Once inside Monongah Mine, you and your event mates will have a few minutes to prepare.
    • This challenging encounter is tuned for characters who are level 50 or higher, and we recommend teaming up with others.
    • When the prep time ends, you will drop deeper into the belly of the Mine and begin the battle against a towering legendary Wendigo Colossus and some of its closest friends.
    • In addition to enemy creatures, stay alert for other hazards, like falling debris and a massive drill.
  • If you topple the Colossus before the event timer expires, you will be rewarded with some loot, XP, Caps, Treasury Notes, and a chance at new themed items for your C.A.M.P.
    • Don’t linger too long, because Monongah Mine will surely collapse after your lengthy battle. Find a way out of the Mine in time, and you will escape with your life.

Meat Week Returns!

The Meat Week Seasonal Event is returning to Appalachia this month from August 18 – 24. If you haven’t taken part in the past, Meat Week offers great opportunities to earn some Legendary Scrip, claim some loot, and join the community (along with Grahm, everyone’s favorite Super Mutant) for a delicious Meat Cook. Meat Week happens in two parts, and you can read below to learn the basics:
Primal Cuts
  • Grahm only wants to provide top notch fare during his Meat Cook. Join Primal Cuts events in different regions of Appalachia to take down Prime Beasts and gather some Prime Meat.
  • Primal Cuts events begin every 15 minutes in three regions of Appalachia at once.
    • Each features a different difficulty so that low, mid, and high-level characters can all participate.
  • Kill the waves of Prime Beasts before the Primal Cuts timer expires and you will receive a few cuts of Prime Meat as a reward.
    • Be sure to turn in your Prime Meat during Grahm's Meat Cook events to claim some Legendary Scrip.
Grahm's Meat Cook
  • To celebrate Meat Week, Grahm is hosting a Meat Cook for all his favorite humans every hour on the hour near Vault 76 in the Forest.
    • Help Grahm complete a variety of activities, like putting out fires, playing music, spinning meat spits, cleaning up after Chally, and more to help ensure his party is a hit.
  • The more successful the Meat Cook, the higher your chances at better rewards from the event.
    • We’ve also added a few new rewards this year, like plans to craft your own Tenderizer, a new Outfit, and more!

Design Updates

  • Ammo Converter: Following community feedback, we’ve made several improvements to the Ammo Converter.
    • We’ve added options to buy and sell 10x and 100x the normal amounts of ammo so that you can exchange larger stacks more quickly.
    • Buying and selling has been incorporated directly into the terminal page for each ammo type, which means fewer screens to click through when exchanging your ammo.
    • We’ve upped the maximum amount of AmmoPoints you can store from 2,000 to 100,000.
  • Legendary Loot: Daily Quests and Events have had their legendary loot rewards updated to include additional items, like The Fixer, Secret Service Armor, and others, so long as you’ve learned the Plans for them.

Quests and Events

  • An Ounce of Prevention: We’ve simplified the “Collect Blood Samples: 0/3” to only require a single Blood Sample from a Feral Ghoul.
    • This quest step frequently caused some confusion for new players and had a bug that could sometimes block progression. This change should make An Ounce of Prevention a smoother experience for everyone.
  • Signal Strength: At the National Isolated Radio Array, we’ve removed the wave of difficult robot enemies that spawn and reduced the overall difficulty of enemies in the area.
    • Signal Strength could be difficult for new characters due high-level enemies at the Radio Array. We’ve dropped the difficulty so that this part of the quest is easier to complete for lower level characters.

Bug Fixes

  • Please note: With today’s update, we’ve found that the Forager Ally is not currently providing Daily Quests to players who have this Ally in their C.A.M.P.s. We did not have enough time to address this prior to releasing the patch, and we are working to address this issue as soon as possible.
Art and Animation
  • Animations: Fixed multiple animation issues affecting the Screaming Eagle skin for the Handmade Rifle.
  • Animations: The Clean Sweep Photomode Pose no longer causes the character’s shoulder to stretch backwards unnaturally.
  • Art: Made adjustments to Backpacks so that they no longer appear to sink into characters’ backs while equipped.
  • Art: Adjusted the front sight on the Appalachian Thunder Pipe skin for the Gatling Gun so that it’s more in-line with the crosshairs when aiming down the sights in first-person view.
  • Art: Adjusted the Extra Large Magazine Mod for the Appalachian Thunder Pipe Skin to limit the amount that it obstructs the view when aiming down the sights in first-person.
  • Art: In the Wastelander Photomode Frame, Vault Boy now has a rifle over his shoulder instead of a Laser Musket.
C.A.M.P. and Workshops
  • Ammo Converter: Now correctly disappears when destroyed in a Workshop or C.A.M.P. until the player repairs it.
  • Backwoods Bungalow: Players can no longer walk through the Bungalow’s glass walls.
  • Build: When attempting to build a freestanding object, it will no longer flicker rapidly between two snap locations.
  • Build: The preview for the Framed Captain Cosmos Gameboard now correctly faces the player when attempting to build it.
  • Chicken Coop: Sound effects no longer continue to play after the Chicken Coop is destroyed.
  • Collectron Station: The Fasnacht Collectron now correctly disappears after scrapping or storing its Station.
  • Exploit: Addressed an exploit allowing players to stack multiple traps.
  • Exploit: Fixed an exploit related to scrapping Assaultron Helmets.
  • Fireplace Secret Door: No longer leaves behind visual effects when destroyed.
  • Foundations: Fixed an issue where foundation pieces could be built in invalid circumstances.
  • Lights: Objects with lights now correctly light up immediately after being repaired.
  • Rustic Watermill: The generator version of the Rustic Watermill now correctly requires the player to know the Medium Generator Recipe before it can be built.
  • Scrapping: Fixed an issue that caused crafting to use Junk items from the player’s Inventory and Stash before using their available Scrap. Crafting, building, and repairing now utilize the player’s Scrap and Junk in the following order of priority:
    • Scrap in the player’s Inventory
    • Scrap in the Stash
    • Scrap in the Fallout 1st Scrapbox
    • Junk in the player’s Inventory will be auto-scrapped
    • Junk in the Stash will be auto-scrapped
  • Walls: Fixed an issue where doorway walls could be hard to place under roofs and upper floors.
  • Walls: Fixed an issue where slanted walls could not be snapped to roofs.
  • Walls: Fixed an issue that could allow walls to be snapped to overhanging roofs and upper floors, which could be used to create floating walls.
  • General: Implemented an additional fix to address remaining edge cases where Daily and Weekly Challenges could complete themselves automatically.
  • Nuclear Winter: Fixed an issue in which previous limited-time Nuclear Winter Challenges were available and could be still completed past their end-dates.
  • Exploit: Fixed an exploit resulting from reviving another player under certain circumstances.
  • Exploit: Fixed an exploit allowing Bows to fire much faster than intended.
  • Wendigo Colossus: Opening the Pip-Boy just before being Feared by the Wendigo Colossus no longer causes the controls to temporarily lock up.
  • Backpacks: Fixed an issue that prevented players from scrapping newly crafted Backpacks.
  • Bows: The Blood Eagle Bow skin can now also be applied to Compound Bows.
  • Chinese Stealth Suit: The Helmet for the Chinese Stealth Suit no longer incorrectly states that it protects against waterborne diseases.
  • Energy Weapons: Addressed an issue that could prevent energy weapons, like the Tesla Rifle and Flamer, from damaging enemies under certain circumstances.
  • Jetpacks: Fixed an issue allowing an Atomic Shop Power Armor Jet Pack skin to be applied by players who did not own it.
  • Jetpacks: The Captain Cosmos Jetpack now correctly appears in the list of mods for T-65 Power Armor.
  • Lunchboxes: Using more than 4 Lunchboxes now correctly refreshes the duration of the 100% XP buff.
  • Power Armor: The T-65 Power Armor Headlamp no longer shines in the wrong direction after switching between first- and third-person view.
  • Secret Service Armor: Added plans to craft Pocketed and Deep Pocketed mods for Secret Service Armor limbs. They can be purchased for 250 and 500 Gold Bullion respectively from Regs in Vault 79.
  • Secret Service Armor: The Ghillie Suit skin no longer obstructs the player’s view in first-person.
  • Mods: Fixed an issue where the Bow, Assault Rifle, and Brotherhood Recon Rifle did not have “Default Appearance” equipped on pickup.
  • Vault-Tec Supply Packages: Now correctly have a weight of 0.1 pounds.
  • Herbivore & Carnivore: Fixed a number of food benefits that were not being doubled correctly by the Herbivore and Carnivore Mutations.
  • General: Fixed rare case where NPCs could pick up items a player had dropped in a loot bag.
  • Pathing: Fixed pathing issues affecting multiple NPCs in Foundation.
  • Scavenger Traders: Will no longer be repeatedly downed due to radiation damage when near an active Nuke Zone.
  • Smiley: Smiley now resets correctly every Monday, allowing players to purchase Bullion from him every week.
    • If you are inside the Wayward when Smiley resets, you must exit and re-enter the Wayward for his stock of Bullion to "update."
  • Ward: We’ve instructed Ward to stay put in his trailer, so you should no longer spot him roaming Foundation.
Performance and Stability
  • Performance: Fixed an issue that could cause client performance issues when attempting to stack many C.A.M.P. objects in a small space.
  • Client Stability: Attempting to replace a Fence in Modify mode no longer sometimes crashes the game client.
  • Server Stability: Addressed an issue that could result in a server crash when loading an exterior cell.
  • Server Stability: Fixed an issue that could cause a server crash when loading a Workshop.
  • Server Stability: Fixed a server crash related to pathing.
  • Server Stability: Addressed a server crash related to equipped inventory items.
  • Server Stability: Addressed multiple issues that could result in a server crash during Nuclear Winter matches.
  • Adrenaline: Now applies its damage bonuses correctly after enemy kills.
  • Robotics Expert: No longer prevents players from trading with Vendor bots.
Quests and Events
  • Ally: Crash Landing: Logging out and back in after retrieving the Flight Recorder Data no longer prevents the quest from progressing.
  • Ally: Thicker than Water: Logging out during Beckett’s final quest no longer creates a duplicate Watoga Underground Key.
  • Daily: Heart of the Enemy: Can no longer be repeated immediately after completion.
  • Strange Bedfellows: The “Complete Signal Strength” objective’s description is no longer cut off in the Pip-Boy.
  • Vital Equipment: Fixed an issue that could prevent Vital Equipment from progressing if the player killed the Raider Thief before talking to Ward.
User Interface
  • Loading Screens: The S.C.O.R.E. meter and rank-up reward fanfares no longer remain visible during loading screens.
  • Localization: The Legendary Run gameboard’s rules sheet is now correctly translated in non-English versions of the game.
  • Main Menu: On PC, pressing TAB after opening the Main Menu from the Map now correctly returns the player to the Map view.
  • Main Menu: Pressing “Play” before the Main Menu finishes loading no longer places the player directly into Adventure Mode or displays a “Failed to find your selected character” error message.
  • Map: Fixed an issue causing Workshop Icons on the Map to display normal location icons and have incorrect functionality when selected.
  • Notifications: Players will no longer be spammed by dehydration notifications after becoming dehydrated while viewing The Legendary Run game board.
  • Notifications: The notification that appears when completing the repeatable “Gain XP 0/10,000” Weekly Challenge now correctly states the name of the Challenge.
  • Pip-Boy: The Collections tab in the Pip-Boy now correctly displays the player’s current counts of Caps, Gold Bullion, Tadpole Badges, etc. when first logging into a world.
  • Social: Fixed an issue that could cause the friends list to appear blank after removing a friend.
  • Teams: Addressed an issue causing teams to automatically disband after a Nuclear Winter match.
  • The Legendary Run: Selecting Rank 100 on the game board now correctly displays preview images for all of rewards in The Legendary Run Bundle.
  • Cranberry Bog: Fixed a location near the Ranger District Office where the player could sink below the terrain.
  • Nuke Silos: Fixed a location in the Reactor Room where players could get out of world and skip portions of the Nuke Silo.
  • Pathing: Fixed multiple locations in the world where players could become stuck in or near clutter and other objects.
submitted by BethesdaGameStudios_ to fo76 [link] [comments]

It's time to overhaul weapon modding

Please hear me out. I absolutely love the in-depth weapon modding, it's one of those things that makes Escape From Tarkov unique. This is why it's really sad that the stats (performance modifiers) on attachments make no sense right now. (Let me explain.)
Right now we have 3 things that affect weapon handling: recoil, ergonomics and weight. Ergonomics and weight almost do the same thing, which is a missed opportunity for BSG to make weapon modding more interesting. After all, every part in game has their own weight and parts can vary a couple of grams to several hundred grams between them. It's a shame weight means so little right now. In EFT recoil is reduced by parts that, in the real world, don't actually have a significant effect on recoil whatsoever. This means that the recoil stats on most parts are completely made up. It's the same with ergonomics. You can't tell me that adding a set of iron sights (that make the gun heavier) allows me to hold it up longer with my arms. The performance modifiers are completely arbitrary and I think we can do better.
This is what I have in mind:
Change how the recoil (weapon stat) works so that it can only be reduced by the weapon weight (more weight = less recoil), muzzle device (redirection of gasses), munition (heavelighter bullets, powder load, etc.) and maybe the buffertube, because different ones can be used to mitigate recoil to some extent.
Change how the ergonomics stat works so that it directly affects recoil control (player skill). A thick, ergonomic fore grip, pistol grip or buttpad should allow you to control the weapon better, in my opinion.
Weight should completely take over ergonomics' original purpose. After all, shouldn't ADS speed, arm stamina and weapon sway all be affected by weight? It makes sense that the lighteheavier a weapon is, the easieharder it is to quickly ADS, hold up with your arms and prevent it from swaying when turning!
This means that a lot of parts will lose their ergonomics stats and this will create some problems. For example, what about all the parts the shooter isn't touching while firing and therefore can't reduce the felt recoil in real life (and thus affect control skill in game)? Think about the charging handles, magazine, optics, etc. that normally increase or decrease ergonomics in EFT. Well, obviously a higher weight will negatively affect weapon handling, so heavy optics will worsen weapon handling the same way they do right now with negative ergonomics. Magazines have other performance modifiers that are unique to them, like check speed and load/unload speed (and of course light magazines usually have higher ergonomics in game.) But what about charging handles? Some only add weight like the Zenit RP-1. Well, this could be solved by adding a cocking speed modifier. Magazines already have their unique modifier, so I think it's not too much to ask.
As far as the recoil stat is concerned, the only real way to effectively reduce weapon recoil or compensate muzzle rise (other than with weight or different ammo) is with an effective muzzle brake/device. This might seem boring, but that's pretty much the way it is in the real world. This is why I want to repurpose the ergonomics stats and have it affect the player's recoil control skill. Don't worry though, a lot of parts will still have the same benefits as right now. For example, an aftermarket stock that currently provides -45% recoil and +10 ergonomics will reduce recoil and improve weapon handling (ADS speed, etc.). With my proposed system an aftermarket stock might still provide an +10 "ergonomics" increase as shown on the statcard, but it will increase recoil control instead, and if it's lighter than the old stock (which it usually is), it will improve weapon handling too. Otherwise, if it's heavier instead, it will simply reduce weapon recoil. It will always benefit you depending on how you look at it!
I think that this system will make EFT more realistic, without killing imagination and ruining the fun of weapon modding. This will completely throw off the way meta builds are made and I think that's a good thing. Weight will affect both recoil and (current) ergonomics which means trade-offs must be made. This way you can't just buy the most expensive attachments and have the best of both worlds. It should make Escape From Tarkov more realistic without losing playability. Basically, I hope that after this change the laser builds and "COD with extra steps" comments will decrease a whole lot.
By the way, people trying to make best-in-slot recoil builds will have to pick out the heaviest parts and fill every rail with attachments to rack up the weight, which will look hilarious.
I hope at least some of you think this a good idea. If you have other suggestions please share them and if I missed anything please let me know.
tl;dr: give weight a purpose please.
EDIT: Some of you are mentioning weight distribution and how I have no idea how guns work. Yes, I know about weight distribution and how it affects gun handling, but I also know this is a videogame and a developer can only take a game mechanic so far without making it too complicated for themselves to code and for the average player to understand. How far do we go with realism? That's for BSG to decide. Right now I'm suggesting an overhaul for the weapon modding system without trying to make it more complicated than the current one.
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An Updated List of Weapon-Related Issues Still in the Game

Before I begin here, a few brief notes:

Alien Blaster
Assault Rifle
Auto Grenade Launcher
Bow and Compound Bow
Cultist Blade
Double-Barreled Shotgun
The Dragon
(Enclave) Plasma Rifle
Explosive Bait
Fire Axe
Floater Grenades (Flamer, Freezer, and Gnasher)
Fragmentation MIRV Grenades
Gatling Gun
Gatling LaseGatling Plasma
Gatling Plasma
Gauss Minigun
Gauss Pistol
*The reflex sights are noticeably misaligned. The actual shot goes slightly beyond the top-left corner of the reticule circle. It seems to be too low when standing, and too high when crouched.
Gauss Pistol/Rifle/Shotgun
Gauss Shotgun
Handmade Rifle
Laser Rifle/Ultracite Laser Rifle
Light Machine Gun
M79 Grenade Launcher
Pipe Bolt-Action/Pipe Revolver
Pipe Gun
Pipe Revolver
Plasma Caster
Pump Action Shotgun
Salvaged Assaultron Head
Single Action Revolver
Submachine Gun (.45)
Tesla Rifle
Trail Fireworks Mine
Ultracite Gatling LaseUltracite Laser Rifle
Western Revolver

General Weapons

Bolt-/Pump-Action Weapons
Energy Guns
Explosive Launchers
Fancy Skins
Fire Weapons
High Damage/DPS Weapons
Scorched Killer Receivers
Semi-Automatic Rifles
Spin-Up Weapons
Throwing Weapons

Legendary Effects

Crippling (+50% limb damage)
Instigating (+100% damage on full-health target)
Rapid (+15% faster reload)
Stalker’s (+100% VATS accuracy at +50% AP cost when out of combat)
Two Shot (Fires an additional projectile, +25% damage)
Vampire’s (Health regeneration per hit)
Various effects


I'm not sure what to say at the end here, that's kind of it. I do this kind of thing mostly as a hobby and decided to share it before the next update, sort of as a test to see how much is fixed in the next few patches. If you made it all the way down here, have a nice day and stay safe.
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The Union's Reaper [Hallows 7]

This is for The Reaper category, I mean how could I not? You don't need to have read Seven Days of fire to enjoy this, I had several people who hadn't read the story confirm that for me just in case, so enjoy!

The Union’s Reaper: Seven Days of Fire
Kurt ran through the irradiated hell, his eyes searching for the large enemy force holding down the area. His squad mates all stood nearby, hearts pounding in their chests, sweat building up inside their gasmasks. They’d been ordered to search out the Unionists and kill any they found. The orders of the church were absolute, god was with them and none could stand before their wrath. ‘Or so I once thought.’ Kurt looked around at the bodies that littered the city streets. Soldiers who had been his comrades hours before, now reduced to cooling corpses. Black puddles of tacky blood surrounding their fallen frames. A plane roared overhead and Kurt screamed in fear, they’d all learned what any disturbance meant.
“I’m hit!” The scream sent a shiver down Kurt’s spine and he turned to see the squad’s designated marksman bleeding from a hole in his stomach. Next to him the sargent’s head was half blown off, the shot having nailed both of them.
“The sniper’s-” A second shot killed their machine gunner and sent everyone without a death wish running for cover. A third shot slammed into the ammo carrier’s kit, detonating his supplies and wounding everyone with a five meter radius. Screams of agony came from all around Kurt but he had to focus, he knew where the sniper was. Taking cover behind a shattered wall that once belonged to a large townhouse he caught his breath, unfortunately for him the sniper knew exactly where she’d cornered her pray and silently glided away from her haunt. It took several tense minutes for the patrol to realize their fate and Kurt broke down into tears when he threw up in his mask and was forced to take it off or drown in his own sick. Within the hour silence had returned to the battlefield, radiation from the church’s own nuclear strikes claiming another score of the faithful.
Grim returned to friendly lines having finally run low on rifle rounds. Sure she could scrounge more but hand loaded was always better than what the enemy had to offer. She moved like a ghost through the ranks of her allies, the other humans unconsciously avoiding the presence of death’s embodiment, all except one.
“Hey Grim, what’s the haul this time?” Lily Winters wore a smile that didn’t reach her eyes. Her pale skin, blond hair and icy blue eyes made her look colder than Grim despite her disposition being far more amicable.
“50 kills by rifle, 17 by trap and 81 with environment.” Grim didn’t bother looking at the other sniper, instead continuing on her way to the ammo depot.
“And you’ve passed me once again.” Several nervous eyes stole glances at the two women, several curses mumbled under breaths as bets were won or lost. “Seems we’ve made some days and ruined others.”
“That’s one way of putting it.” Grim watched several heavily armored tanks rumble by with mild interest. “Since when did we have those?”
“Since the Fontaine’s surrendered. The Royal Dragon has had enough of war it seems.” Lily had been fourteen when the bullets started flying. It seemed like an eternity since her family had become trapped behind enemy lines and was forced to take up the trade of sniping. Ten years had passed and now she was the second most accomplished sniper in human history, second only to Grim, death herself. “We’re getting ready for the final battle, the Theocracy’s surrounded.”
“I see.” Death nodded and pushed aside the flap of a tent, sitting down at one of the loading benches within. The guard hadn’t noticed the Grim Reaper enter and only stopped Lily to check her credentials, nearly jumping in surprise when he realized someone was already inside.
“Before you ask for her credentials, that’s Grim as in the Union’s Grim Reaper. Last person who asked her to identify herself died of a heart attack so I’d be careful.” Lily clapped the guard on the shoulder and watched death work.
Both women had learned through trial and error but there was something unnatural about how well Grim adapted to war. Bringing death was as natural to her as breathing and Lily always learned more about their shared trade while looking over her shoulder. For her part, Grim never noticed the eyes of her self declared rival. If someone wanted to be her witness then that was their choice, so long as they wouldn’t give away her position.
Lily watched Grim carefully work, each bullet examined, weighed and placed into one of several neat piles. Smokeless powder was carefully measured out, each grain gently planted within the confines of a brass case so it may one day bloom into uniform flame. The bullet was then carefully pressed into the brass, burying the seeds of the next harvest. Over the next few hours the two women stood uninterrupted, the unnatural silence and eerie calm that surrounded them causing their fellow soldiers to avoid snipers entirely.
Jian Li felt his hands trembling in fear, overhead jets screamed into battle, machine guns roaring. Artillery thundered and the earth danced to the drums of war. Columns of irradiate smoke rose overhead, a mushroom cloud visible in the distance. ‘We’re going into hell.’ Jian gripped his rifle and looked up just in time to see a friendly jet get torn to shreds. ‘I wonder if that’s the archangel?’ Jian could see anti-aircraft fire streaming into the sky, white puffs of smoke filling the air but the enemy jet easily evaded the barrage before retreating back to the relative safety of the Theocracy’s ever shrinking defensive perimeter.
‘I just need to make it through this. This is it, the last battle. The Royals have surrendered, the Theocracy only has this one city left and then the war is over.’ Jian wasn’t sure if he wanted to laugh or cry. Most of the military was already taking part in reconstruction or peacekeeping and Jian had the bad luck to end up on the front line of what was looking to be the bloodiest battle of the war. Already the ground was coated in nerve agent and even a small rip in his protective clothes would spell death. ‘And they’re still detonating nukes, fucking lunatics don’t care about the future at all.’
“All soldiers prepare to charge!” The order went down the line and Jian could hear the rumble of tanks rolling towards his trench line. “Wait for the tanks to pull the enemy’s attention!” Jian watched armored goliaths sprint through prepared gaps in the minefields that separated the two sides, their guns blazing. Piercing whistles signaled the beginning of the assault and Jian ran forward with his rifle, rushing towards a crater several meters in front of his position. Overhead a storm of rockets pounded the city, courtesy of the Union’s truck mounted rocket artillery.
Bullets zipped past Jian but he continued his advance, ducking in and out of cover and occasionally returning fire. Less than ten meters from the enemy line he felt his stomach churn but forcibly removed his eyes from what was a mass grave filled with children forced to fight. The sight was common on all sides but he loathed it nonetheless, especially now that the war was decided. Jian fought through the rubble filled streets for hours before realizing he was just outside the walls of the old city. Around him, other members of his squad all gasped for air, the heat inside their masks nearly suffocating but unless they wanted to meet the Grim Reaper herself, they’d have to live with it. Unfortunately, that also meant no solid food either, their gas masks only having ports for liquid.
Pulling out a foil bag, Jian clipped it into his gas-mask and began drinking, feeling his dry throat slowly hydrate made him sigh in relief. ‘Seems I’m still alive.’ Jian looked over at the squad’s radio operator who was also carrying their radiation equipment. Mercifully he’d not reported any serious exposure so far but as they pressed further into the city they were getting close to the base of the massive mushroom cloud still towering over the battlefield. ‘Normally they dissipate faster, must have been a really big one.’ Jian wasn’t sure exactly what type of bomb had been set off, other than it was clearly atomic. ‘Not going to worry about that now though.’ He finished his meal and swapped his rifle’s magazine for a fresh one.
“Everyone ready?” Blake, the squad’s sergeant shouted and Jian pushed off his knees back to his feet.
“Yeah, let’s end this.” Jian nodded, glad for the brief respite.
Jian looked around the corner of the shattered wall he’d been resting behind and saw the walls of the inner city were covered with bodies and white phosphorous. Fortunately, his mask kept out the smell and poisonous fumes but it still sent his skin crawling. ‘Whoever hit that position really didn’t hold back.’ Jian thought, wondering what it was like for a bomber pilot who unleashed such horrid weapons. ‘Well, I suppose not seeing what you’ve done makes it easier.’ Jian spotted a silhouette of a soldier staggering through the smoke and put a round through their chest, ending their suffering with one swift, merciful shot.
“Jian, Eli you two push up!” Blake ordered, Jian flicked his weapon to full auto, breathed in deep and charged out of cover, sprinting towards a ramp formed from the rubble of the shattered sandstone walls. A machine gun opened fire amid the white smoke, the gunner ignoring the inferno swirling around him. Jian felt a burning pain in his side and fell to the pavement, right as a wave of shells detonated overhead, washing away the buildings in a storm of high explosives. Thunder and flames filled Jian’s vision and his head swam. He could feel his breathing become difficult, mucus filling his noses and his eyes watering as the nerve agent covering everything went to work ending his life. Cursing and holding back sobs, Jian rolled over and faced the gray uncaring sky that dominated his world. ‘Dammit, I was so close.’ Jian’s hand moved towards his pack where he had his antidote kit and clumsily dug through it, pulling out an auto injector. Before he could administer it, Jian found himself convulsing violently, the complex poisons of the theocracy rampaging through his body.
A shadow filled Jian’s vision, a humanoid wearing a cloak of shadows stood over him. A strange calm filled his body and he knew that death was at his side but he didn’t fear her. He couldn’t see the Grim Reaper’s face through the mucus and tears coating his eyes but could feel her eyes upon him, weighting whether to carry his soul into oblivion. At her side she held her tool of harvest, a weapon of wood and steel, old and well cared for. Jian wondered if she’d end his suffering the same way he’d ended so many others or if she’d wait for the nerve agent to take him. The reaper leaned over him, reaching down, preparing to cast her judgment.
“Not today it seems.” The reaper’s emotionless voice reached his ears and Jian felt a sharp burning pain spread out from his chest. Jian felt the world begin to spin but his breathing was growing easier with each passing second and his convulsions stopped. “The rest is on you.” Death stepped back and shouldered her rifle, a scythe no longer sufficient for the amount of death the war had wrought. Jian felt the world falling away and blacked out, unable to stay awake now that death had moved on.
Grim left the wounded soldier to his fate, she couldn’t delay any longer. ‘He’ll live.’ She knew he’d survive and would make sure to check up on him later. ‘Jian Li was on his dog tag, I wont forget it.’ Death moved through the now silent wall, the cracking of phosphorous in flesh the only reminder of the horrors hidden within the white smoke swirling around her. The machine gunner who’d been firing wildly before his sides own barrage killed him was now splattered across dozens of meters, not that Grim could actually see the carnage. ‘Is it odd that I just know these things? Lily’s the same though so maybe it’s just intuition.’ Death threw her rifle over her back and drew her pistol, small eddies in the smoke alerting to the presence of several hostiles.
‘Four adults, peaking out of cover just behind the wall, they’re taking cover behind an old marble wall that was once a cafe.’ Grim let her instincts guide her hand and fired four times in quick session. The gunshots were drowned out by the roar of jets and thunder of artillery but to the four she’d just killed it was the loudest thing they’d never heard. ‘Clean head shots, at least it was painless.’ Grim moved out of the smoke, disappearing into the destroyed alleyways of what was once the most beautiful city in the world.
Half an hour of waking later, Grim stood outside a massive cathedral, the lead roof perforated by strafing attacks, rose windows shattered by high explosive blasts but the ancient stone walls held firm. ‘Seems my target is still alive.’ Grim moved through the open wooden doors of the temple, finding it full of bodies. Dozens, hundreds of men, women and children littered the floor, hands clasped together in prayer. ‘They committed suicide, didn’t even have the courage to die fighting so they murdered their children then died.’ Grim moved past the dead, her business with the living responsible for the horror. Behind the altar was a hidden passage leading down into the city’s catacombs, her quarry intent on fleeing their crimes.
Heavy breathing and loud footfalls lead Grim with unerring accuracy towards a man partly responsible for many of the horrors that had transformed her from a normal young girl into death incarnate. Grim looked at the highest ranking priest of the theocracy, his robes replaced by an infantryman’s uniform. He hadn’t noticed her presence yet and she quickly matched his pace, coming up behind him without a sound and grabbing his wrist while simultaneously tripping him. The man flew through the air before slamming back first into the stone floor.
“I’ll give you the choice, stand trial or die here.” Grim looked down at the surprised monster, not even a bulky gas mask enough to hide the surprise on his face.
“What are you?” The priest felt icy cold spreading from where the reaper had touched him and knew the answer to his own question. The cold glow of dead souls lingered around her, visible only to him now that he was so near death herself. “Why god? Why do you send your servant to take me? I’ve followed your teachings, please!”
“Chose or I will and it is easier to carry the souls of the dead than escort the living.” Grim looked at the priest, growing tired of his begging. She’d heard it before, countless times from men and women who’d died at his behest.
“I’ll do anything! You’re a servant of the lord, you must-”
“I serve the Union.” Grim growled, furious at being mistaken for a member of the deranged cult that had ravaged her homeland. “I am the Union’s reaper and your time has come. You have refused to choose and so I will decide.” Grim leveled her rifle at the man’s chest and fired, intentionally missing his heart. The shot echoed off the stone walls and the priest’s hand desperately scrabbled at his chest in panic. The man tried to beg but she’d pierced one of his lungs and he began to hack and cough instead. Grim could feel a small glimmer of satisfaction from the air surrounding her, an echo of those she’d killed taking comfort in the small modicum of vengeance before the priest joined them.
The pain of thousands of needles stabbing into flesh was the first thing Jian felt when his awareness slowly returned to him. His groan quickly pulled the attention of a nearby nurse who ran over to check his condition.
“Easy, you were shot and got quite a bit of nerve toxin in you. You’ll live but you need to stay calm, your body is really weak right now.” The nurse was surprised when Jian just smiled and nodded, after all death had already passed him by.
“Can I have some water?” Jian looked over the nurse who nodded before holding a small cup with a straw near his face so he could drink. His throat was sore and he struggled to swallow the tasteless fluid but soldiered on, finishing the glass and letting out a satisfied sigh. “Thank you.”
“No problem, let me know if you need anything else.” The nurse moved on, disposing of the cup before continuing his rounds. The pain was numbing and Jian closed his eyes and let himself drift back to sleep.
A week passed in the blink of and eye and Jian finally managed to get out of bed, though his whole body felt incredibly weak. The road to recovery wouldn’t be easy but now that he could walk on his feet he knew he’d make it. ‘I wonder what happened after I passed out.’ Jian thought, sitting in one of the lounges of the hospital he’d woken up in. Outside the very air was poisonous but inside he could enjoy the beauty of the ocean waves in safety. The world was ruined but humanity would survive, building habitats for themselves and repairing the damage they’d wrought. In the distance he watched tall masted sailing ships, looking like something out of a history book making a rendezvous at sea with several armored battleships of the Union fleet.
“You can walk.” Jian heard a woman’s voice but hadn’t noticed any footsteps. Turning he saw a pale woman with warm green eyes and warm brown hair. Stress lines marred her young face giving her an oddly ancient appearance. Jian’s heart skipped a beat and he felt his cheeks begin to heat up. He knew something was different about her, something special and he couldn’t explain it.
“Y-yeah, it wasn’t easy but if I try.” Jian mumbled, unable to calm down. Bullets were fine, artillery, a walk in the park. But a woman that captivating was downright terrifying. “I’ll be fully recovered in no time Sir.”
“No need for honorifics, I just came to check up on you since I was the one who found you.” Jian briefly remembered his hallucination and his cheeks burned even hotter. ‘How could I mistake a woman like this for the Grim Reaper?’ Jian wanted to writhe in agony but instead chuckled.
“Thanks, I wasn’t sure I’d make it but then death passed me by. If you didn’t find me, she might have just taken me.” Jian babbled, trying to find something to catch the woman’s attention, keep the conversation from ending. Something about her captivated him, called to him and he couldn’t just let her walk out of his life. Grim turned to leave, having completed her duty, the man had survived as expected and now she could return to her harvest. “Your eyes.” Grim froze, she’d heard this before, countless times. Even Lily Winters shuddered under her gaze, terrified by the death swirling within the emerald orbs. “I hope this isn’t odd but they’re beautiful, they remind me of grass and trees and life. It’s been so long since I’ve seen any but well, I’m just embarrassing myself now aren’t I?”
“No, it’s quite alright.” Unseen by Jian, Grim brushed a tear from the corner of her eye and turned to face him. “Why don’t we get lunch? I’ve got nowhere to be right now.”
“Really? I mean yes, of course.” Jian rushed to his feet, his weakness momentarily forgotten and Grim caught him before he could fall over. “Sorry.”
“It’s fine, we look out for each other, that’s what the Union’s all about.” Jian sighed internally at how distant her words were but he couldn’t expect her to be instantly familiar with him.
“By the way I’m Jian but I think you already know that, so can I have your name?” Grim paused, it’d been so long since she’d been seen as anything other than death that she froze. “You alright? Should I not have asked?”
“Aubrey, my name is Aubrey.” Jian nodded, he knew the look the other soldier wore, someone who’d fought for so long they’d forgotten themselves. But despite that he could see kindness lingering within her emerald eyes, too terrified to show itself. For now, he’d enjoy her company, learn more about her and one day, maybe, he hoped she’d become something more than just a friend.

I seriously need to update my Wiki, I've written quite a few things since I last touched it. I swear I'll do it soon... Maybe when I'm not writing my current book and before I start the next one, whenever that will be.
I've already finished another story for old traditions but it needs a few touch ups before I post it, keep an eye out for it! Also have an awesome day!
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